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  Tailored on 5th & Beverly 

Founded in 2010 as part of the Entertainment Fusion Group of companies [EFGPR], we have grown organically through the years and though the retail markets have significantly changed, our focus and goals remains the same; we connect brands with leading retailers in the international markets.

Today’s markets are increasingly global, with many brands generating more than half their business outside their home market.

To be successful in new territories, It’s important to ensure that each opportunity is primed to achieve years of sustainable growth and profits in the new markets. We not only help you find the right partners, but also ensure you & your brand are ready, and your product(s) are a good fit for the new opportunities within each market.



  • We have access to key companies and decision-makers: Our Founders and Business Partners bring over 30+ years’ experience, we have done business and continue to develop ongoing relationships with leading international trading companies all over the world. We’re generally able to open doors that are closed to others through our relationships, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Speed to market: we can quickly and efficiently put you in front of the leading trading companies in each market. This saves you time and money.

  • Market knowledge: our hands on experience in each market, allow us to guide you to avoid potential and costly missteps. We know which partners are best in class for your sector and can there for better match you with the right companies. Further and maybe more importantly our experience in each market allows us to help YOU understand to market potential, product needs, pricing…etc. before entering, which often is the main difference between failure and success.

  • Deal structuring & Brand protection: We understand the markets, and work with local experts and attorneys in each market, ensuring that you are getting the best terms and protecting your company’s Brand.

  • On-going Management: We remain your partner and ensure results for our clients including overseeing market positioning, brand expansion and revenue maximization at a minimal cost.


WHY US? Because we are the BEST! Bigger is not Better, But Better is Better! We pride ourselves in being your true partner, not driven by large upfront fees but rather a shared success as your brand grows.


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